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Take Out Non Woven Bag

Insulated Reusable Grocery Bag Lunch Bag Seafood Cooler Bag
Style ID:GFWG350

Custom Ultrasonic Non Woven Cooler Bag for Take-out Food Packing
Style ID:GFWG300

Custom Non-Woven Aluminum Foil Take-out Delivery Insulation Bag
Style ID:GFWG250

Customized Take Out Non Woven Bag with your logo
Style ID:GFWG200

Customized Take Out Non Woven Bag,Eco Tote Non-Woven Shopping Bag,Recyclable PP Non Woven Bags.

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1. How do I measure a box?
The proper sequence of dimensions is Length X Width X Depth. Place the carton in front of you with the open end up.
Length is the longest open end dimensions from left to right.
Width is the shortest open end dimension from front to back.
Depth is the remaining dimension from top to bottom.

2. How soon can I get a price quote?
For most projects, once we know the carton style, dimensions, paperboard type including caliper, printing requirements and quantity, we can provide you with a price quote within 24 hours.

3. How long will it take to receive my products?
As a general rule, it will take 4 weeks for us to produce your custom designed and printed products.

4. Can I have a custom designed and made packaging box?
We are a custom shop. We design and construct each project to the individual customer's needs. All of our boxes are custom made based on your artwork and packaging need.